The more things change...

When I embarked upon this adventure, I knew it was going to be hard work. I was excited to find and work with new clients, and had no idea what kind of projects would be headed my way. While this little project is only a couple of months old, there has been a lot of work and so many great surprises. The best of all has been the network of local independent professionals who have welcomed me with open arms, and the occasional sympathetic ear.

Working as an independent contractor is incredibly rewarding, but it can be tough and thankless proposition with so many pitfalls you don't encounter during the course of working in an office. The independent contractors working in Old Town Fort Collins have been incredibly welcoming, a few quickly becoming close confidantes and enthusiastic cheerleaders.

It's true, I could probably go this road without a little help from my friends. It is absolutely more fun to make the trek with like-minded people around me to keep me honest.